Surplus Hard Drive/Data Shredding Program

Shredded Data Devices

IUPUI and other IU regional campuses are responsible for wiping data prior to sending equipment to Surplus to ensure data security.

If you need any data destroyed/shredded, please send them to Surplus; this ensures the department meets policies governing IU property (IP 14.0/14.1).

The most cost effective way to dispose of hard drives/data storage devices and ensure a high level of data security is to shred them. Please review the section below for procedures and responsibilities regarding hard disk/data storage device disposal.

If you remove hard disks from units you must complete the Hard Drive Shredding form before sending them ('them' refers to hard disks, data disks, and other data storage devices) to Surplus.

Procedures & Responsibilities

Campus Departments

  • Send ALL data devices that need destroyed/shredded to Surplus
  • Backup any relevant data prior to transferring to Surplus; Surplus will not return any hard drives/data devices once they are picked-up or dropped-off.
  • Download, complete, and email or fax the IU Hard Drive Shredding form to Surplus.
    NOTE: Please provide your Account number to be charged for services rendered.

Surplus employees and a departmental delegate (individual who transfers drives to Surplus) conducts a physical count of the hard drives at the drop-off/pick-up location, then will sign the HD Shredding form agreeing to the count. Additionally, the department will receive a total dollar amount that Surplus will bill for services rendered (based on Pricing information listed below).


  • Provides a scheduled drop-off location for departments to bring hard drives - located at the Surplus Warehouse (address located to left of window under Contact Information).
  • Will pick up hard drives at the IUPUI campus as requested by department.
  • Provide a secure environment to house the drives until shredding vendor picks them up.
  • Verify a physical count of drives received with a delegate from the department present to confirm agreement.
  • Surplus bills departments the total amount that is designated on the surplus form at time of drop-off/pick-up.
  • Surplus is the main contact and liaison between IUPUI and Vendor Asset Recovery Services for this project.


per device for drop-offs


per device for pick-up

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