Scheduling Surplus Pickup/Drop-Off Procedures

All IUPUI assets must come to Surplus. If an item is unwanted, old, or even broken, please send it to Surplus. On behalf of the university the Surplus department will make the final decision of what to do with the item(s). There are strict policies in place that explicitly prohibit the destruction and/or removal of university property. Throwing away/discarding/destroying/giving away a university asset is a form of destruction of property and you could be held liable.

Do not send data devices to Surplus without following the UISO & Surplus Data Procedures

Do not send data devices to Surplus without following the UISO & Surplus Data Procedures

UISO Policy Surplus Shredding Policy

Surplus Pickup Criteria

Surplus offers 'free' pickup service on Wednesday of every week. The goal of this service is to facilitate as many pickups as possible within the timeframe and space available. These pickups must be arranged and confirmed with Surplus to ensure accuracy and regulation.
The following criteria must be met for item pickups:

  • Must fit in a 6' x 6' section
  • 2 movers able to easily lift/manage without the use of specialized equipment
  • Items are consolidated/organized for easy pickup/removal
  • Only items listed on Surplus Pickup Request Form are picked up - NOTHING may be added without contacting Surplus for approval
If request does not meet the above criteria, departments have the option to contract vendors to perform the move at the departments' expense. There are university contracts in place with various moving companies, so please contact Purchasing as applicable to make sure protocol is followed.

Request Surplus Pick-Up Service

To setup the free pickup, the following needs completed:

  • Complete the Surplus Pickup Request Form. Only items listed on form will be picked up. If it is not listed, then the movers are directed NOT to pick the item(s) up.
  • If the above form does not function please fill out the request form and submit using the instructions provided in the document: Pickup Request Document. Email completed form to Note: when emailing, please send it using a .doc, .docx, or .pdf format


When this form is received, we will review the request:

  • If the request is acceptable, it will be scheduled and the contact on the form will be notified of the pickup date.
  • If the request is unacceptable (i.e. too many items, extremely large, heavy, or time consuming) then the contact will be notified of the denied request.
  • If the request is denied, it will be the department's responsibility to make arrangements to have the items moved to Surplus. To do this a Surplus Pickup Request form will need to be filled out prior to pickup. A requisition will need to be entered in the EPIC system to the contractor (i.e. Stuarts Movers) to pay for the move. We use Stuarts Movers for our surplus moves and they are currently contracted for $67.00/hr for 2 men and a truck. Once the PO is generated, the contractor will need to be contacted to arrange the pickup and the delivery of the items.


A few rules to the free Wednesday pickup service are:

  • Freon/refrigerant must be removed prior to the pickup of a refrigerator/freezer. This is in place to protect the safety of our faculty and staff. We don't want something that contained radioactive or biohazard materials being reused on campus for food storage!
  • Hard Drives that are outside of the computer cannot be transported to us via a 3rd party vendor. They must be delivered or picked up by our staff. Please see the Hard Disk Shredding area of this website for further details.
  • If a pickup is deemed too demanding by Surplus management (i.e. too large, too many heavy items, too time consuming) it can be denied.

Surplus Drop-Offs

If pickup service is not convenient for you, drops-offs may also be arranged. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for scheduled drop-offs only. We do have other services we provide to campus and if you show up without an appointment, chances are you will be turned away.

To set up a drop-off, the following needs completed:

  • Complete the Surplus Pickup Request Form prior to the drop off.
  • Call 274-7753 or email to make an appointment to drop the items off. Note: Make sure you bring the completed form with you to your appointment.
  • Due to liability reasons we cannot unload items from a personal vehicle at any time. There are no exceptions to this rule! Please plan accordingly.
  • Moving equipment is readily available at the warehouse if it is needed to assist in unloading equipment. University licensed fork truck operators will also be available to remove any heavy item from university vehicles only. Other use of the fork truck is prohibited.