Surplus Open House

Thursdays 1-3 PM
Tuesdays 9-11 AM

Campus Services Bldg. #4
1830 W. 16th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Surplus Open House is for IUPUI faculty and staff only.

What is Surplus Open House?

Surplus Open House is a time for employed IUPUI Faculty and Staff to come browse the items we have available for redistribution back to campus or a campus sponsored facility. Each week IUPUI Surplus collects assets that one department may not have use for, but others could benefit.

These items range from used computers and medical equipment to furniture and office supplies. Surplus Open House and item redistribution is an important function in the life cycle of an asset. Each year redistribution saves IUPUI approximately $1,000,000.00 reusing current assets versus buying new.

IUPUI Surplus Open House is not a time to purchase for personal use. This type of purchase would need to be conducted at one of our three yearly auctions typically held in March, July, and November.

Some Rules of Open House

The following list contains some rules of 'Open House' redistribution. Please note these rules are appropriated by IUPUI Surplus management and may be changed as deemed necessary per university policy and/or other mitigating factors.

  • WARNING: You may NOT take items out of the warehouse without completing necessary paperwork/forms. The action is considered as a theft if you take any item out of surplus without consent (surplus paperwork/forms/approval).
  • You may not cannibalize (remove parts/pieces) from equipment.
  • You must show JagTag/IU ID to transport items in personal vehicle for redistribution from the warehouse. *Note: we do NOT load items in personal vehicles
  • You have 10 business days to 'hold' items for pickup or delivery; items not picked up or delivered are made available for redistribution. *Note: surplus does not deliver; your department must arrange this action with a moving vendor (e.g. Stuart's vendor ID: 133883-0 in EPIC)
  • Defective items may be returned up to 30 days of date on original receipt for credit only - no refunds.
  • Items may be tested within warehouse - if you test an item you MUST return item to it's original location.
  • You must have a valid IU billable account number to purchase items - no other form accepted.
  • Open House is ONLY for redistribution for campus or campus sponsored facilities, not personal purchase; auctions are held throughout the year for personal purchase opportunities.

How long will you hold items?

Items that can be taken with you at the time of our Surplus Open House can be removed the same day. We will hold large items that are not easily transported for 10 business days from the date on the hold tag.

The exception to this rule is one week before an upcoming auction. If you place an item on hold one week prior to an auction, the item will be held for 5 business days. If you want to place a hold on an item the week of the auction, it must be remove that day by the end of Open House.

Do you provide delivery service?

IUPUI Surplus does not provide a delivery service. It is the responsibility of the department to fund and arrange for the removal and delivery of the items they have placed on hold. We work closely with Stuart's Movers and we recommend having them move your items.

We do not recommend moving large items in personal vehicles due to the assumption of risk and the costs associated with damage to the item and/or vehicle during the move. Please refer to our Warehouse Hours of Operation if you are opting to pickup the items you have on hold. Surplus staff will not be available to help load into personal vehicles due to liability reasons so please come prepared.

How do I arrange for a contracted delivery service?

After you have placed a hold on an item, you may need to arrange for a delivery service. To do this you will need to enter a requisition in EPIC (found in Onestart) to the preferred contracted vendor for an estimated amount to cover the move.

Once the Purchase Order (PO) is generated, you will need to contact the mover to arrange for the pickup and delivery of the item(s) and provide the mover with the PO number to reference on the invoice when it is sent to the IUPUI Accounts Payable (AP) Department.

IUPUI Surplus is currently serviced by Stuart's Movers at a rate of approximately $67.00 per hour for two men and a truck. They can be reached at 317-924-0505 and Jackie Stuart is our vendor representative.

I got an item and it is defective, what do I do?

Please be prepared to test the items you are interested in for redistribution before they leave the warehouse. We receive very large volumes of items each week and although we would like to test each item, it is just not possible.

If you take an item with you and find that it does not work, you can bring the item back with your original receipt, within 30 days for 'in-store' credit. Please note that the item cannot be altered or modified in anyway or the return will result in a loss of the 'in-store' credit.

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